Reliable and resilient energy infrastructure for businesses and communities

We provide flexible microgrid solutions to quickly enable fast EV charging and backup energy resources at grid-constrained sites.
Today’s Challenge

Today's electric grid needs reliable solutions for the accelerated energy transition

Traditional deployment approaches to EV infrastructure are costly and time-intensive. ElectricFish offers a rapidly deployable, intelligent, and scalable solution for the future of energy.

Introducing 350Squared™

Access energy on the go with ElectricFish’s community storage unit, offering extremely fast EV charging for everyone

Our AI-enabled software powers the 350squared™



Stargazer controls ElectricFish’s network of storage-integrated smart chargers to reliably provide both fast-charging and grid services.


CoReScore identifies optimal locations for ElectricFish’s 350squared to overcome EV customer grid constraints and support local grid resilience.

ElectricFish's 350Squared™ flexibly and reliably solves major infrastructure pain points

Avoid costly trenching and grid upgrades

Compatible with your site’s current electrical setup, saving 1-2 years in deployment time and upwards of $100-300K.

Lowest operational costs for electricity

Real time optimization manages EV charging peak demand, reduces energy costs, and lowers carbon intensity.

Always-On AI Technology

We use our proprietary AI model to identify vulnerable locations on the grid to maximize our resilience impact.

Select funders & customers

Lead the change towards a sustainable future, today

With ElectricFish, you can make a difference for your business and community. Connect with us to get started and learn how our solutions are designed to make a lasting impact on our planet