Frequently Answered Questions

Yes, ElectricFish offers financing options for its products to provide flexibility to its customers. These options include leasing the units to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its clientele.

We are majorly deploying in California, New York Tri-state Area, Michigan, and select midwest regions. 

ElectricFish products offer backup energy services that contribute to community-scale resilience and reliability. These services include:

    • Distributed Energy Storage: ElectricFish units integrate battery storage capabilities, providing backup power during grid outages or disruptions. This distributed energy storage ensures continuous energy availability, supporting critical operations and enhancing grid resilience.
    • Grid Ancillary Services: ElectricFish chargers can participate in grid ancillary service programs, such as frequency regulation and demand response. By dynamically adjusting energy supply based on grid requirements, ElectricFish products support grid stability and efficiency, contributing to overall grid reliability.

We use state of the art, Lithium iron phosphate batteries, that are liquid cooled, and are designed to operate in tough environmental conditions. 

ElectricFish chargers stand out with grid connectivity without trenching, slashing installation costs. Patented energy storage dynamically manages demand response, boosting grid stability. Offering rapid 350 kWh / 350 kW charging, we minimize EV charging time, enhancing convenience. Our compact design facilitates flexible deployment, ideal for urban settings. Moreover, we enable revenue generation through grid ancillary services, making them financially attractive investments in the fast-evolving EV charging landscape.

ElectricFish’s 350 squared Chargers offer charging speeds of up to 350 kWh / 350 kW, which translates to 20 miles per min of range for a vehicle delivering 3.5 miles per kWh.

We can do 35 vehicle charging sessions per day with around 100 miles of range per session.

We have satellite internet, that is highly robust, and keep charging while the network connectivity isnt there,

Through, our inhouse platform, or any CPO of your choice that can be integrated to our system, you are able to control the price of your electricfish charging station. 

All system heartbeat data from the state of charge, and health of batteries is able to be controlled from

Generally it is a highly sophisticated algorithm that governs charging of batteries, it could take somewhere between 6 hours to 10 hours to charge batteries full if they are completely depleted.

ElectricFish provides comprehensive support to identify available incentives for its products in your state. By leveraging its expertise and network, ElectricFish assists in navigating local government websites, utility programs, and regulatory agencies to uncover potential incentives. Additionally, ElectricFish may offer guidance on accessing rebates, tax credits, grants, or other financial incentives tailored to promote the adoption of its electric vehicle charging infrastructure and energy storage solutions in your area.

Generally a 100 to 200 amp connection is needed over a single phase of 3 phase electrical connection at 208 to 480 V.

ElectricFish’s Charger requires minimal ground space due to its compact design. Typically, ElectricFish chargers can be installed in urban settings without the need for extensive land area. The systems footprint is around 60 sq ft.