We’re building the next-generation distributed energy infrastructure powered by software

Founded in 2019, ElectricFish builds and deploys intelligent grid edge infrastructure to accelerate EV adoption where grid constraints make it otherwise difficult, and prepare communities for outages caused by climate change.
Electric Fish

Committed to Building a Sustainable Future


In the face of challenges, we adapt, innovate, and persist, crafting enduring energy solutions for a brighter future.


Empowering universal access to clean, affordable energy. We champion fairness and equality, bridging the energy gap worldwide.


Driving change with actionable solutions. Our commitment to sustainability fuels impactful energy solutions, creating a greener planet for all.

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The Human Talent Behind

Meet the team

Anurag Kamal

Anurag Kamal, MS

Co-founder and CEO
Anurag leads company strategy and product at ElectricFish. Anurag researched lithium-ion batteries for cell aging at BMW's technology office, and Oak Ridge National Lab. Previously, he developed medium and light duty trucks and buses at Volvo-Eicher Motors, bringing a decade of product development experience to ElectricFish’s solutions. He holds a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.
Folasade Ayoola

Folasade Ayoola, MS/MBA

Co-founder and Chief Scientist
Folasade "Fola" Ayoola leads energy systems and data R&D at ElectricFish. With experience across the US, Kenya, and Nigeria over 8+ years, Fola's expertise spans industrial and academic technology R&D, process innovation, operations management, systems planning, and policymaking in the energy domain. Fola has a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos, a Master’s in Energy Resources Engineering from Stanford Earth, an MBA from the University of Oxford Saïd Business School, and is an ABD PhD Candidate in Energy Science and Engineering at the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
Nelio Batista

Nelio Batista

Co-founder and Chief Systems Architect
Nelio leads software architecture and high power systems integration development at ElectricFish. He has 8+ years of experience in developing solutions for Human Factors, sensors, test instruments, welding, machining, advanced metals and fabrication, 3D design, and graphic design. Nelio also has strong technical expertise developed from building complex engineering systems and integrating advanced scientific systems in the aerospace research industry, and as an entrepreneur.
Vince Wong

Vince Wong, MBA

Co-founder and COO
Vince leads B2B sales, partnerships, and operations at ElectricFish. He has over a decade of experience in strategy and operations as a management consultant, enterprise product marketer, and second-time founder. Vince holds an MBA from Cornell Tech and a BA in International Relations from NYU.

Abhishek Vinchure

Machine Learning Engineer
With a background in theoretical ML research, Abhishek is harnessing AI to enhance the firm's hardware innovations. He hails from UC Berkeley and holds a Master's in Data Science from Georgia Tech.
Ted Ko

Ted Ko, MBA

Acting VP of Policy
Ted brings 20+ years of experience in regulatory affairs, product management, and go-to-market strategy in distributed energy systems and clean energy, such as at Stem Energy.

Apoorv Sinha

Mechanical Designer
A mechanical engineer with 4 years in high-voltage power plants above 660MW, excels in FEA analysis, 3D modeling bringing hardware products to life.

Gabriel Sollero

Software Engineer

Richard Root

Senior Technician

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