Next-Gen Community Energy Storage: Rapid Charging and Backup Energy

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Deploy where others can't with the 350Squared™

Plug and play energy storage system designed to power community loads through a bi-directional electricity meter, and 2 ultrafast charging ports (CCS and NACS) that can deliver extreme-fast charging rates.

Easy for today, adaptable for tomorrow

2-3 Weeks Installation

Deploy in weeks by using your site’s existing single-phase grid connection

20 mi/min charging speed

Fuel your fleet with best-in-class charging speeds (up to 350 kW)

Up to 48 Hours of backup energy

Maximize power reliability and lower energy costs with AI optimization

Our solution is powered by Stargazer™

Stargazer manages smart chargers for fast charging and grid services. Our software optimizes charging behavior and utility services, leveraging local and cloud computing. We store cleaner power, profit from value stacking, and deliver resilient energy to EVs, fleet sites, and the grid.

Equitable Access to Reliable Backup Power with CoreScore™

A cutting-edge siting algorithm leveraging grid capacity, trip data, and demographics to select optimal distributed storage locations. Our innovative approach addresses consumer behavior and technical challenges, shaping the future of energy infrastructure.
CoReScore technology

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